Design: Studio Tecnico Viganò

The sensation of infinite space even in… contained perimeters! A new furnishing criterion has been created, capable of interpreting space in different ways, depending on the circumstances and requirements of the room. Adapted to any situation and arrangement in the intended context, thanks to these design considerations the various curved elements of the modular programme can be freely combined to take on the look and feel of domestic living rooms or large hotel reception areas, starting from simple but also gradually more complex, multiple and articulated configurations in various shapes, sizes and therefore ideal coverings, which can meet the perfect response to the best furnishing projects with extreme simplicity but original effectiveness.


Technical Information

Structure: solid poplar wood with elastic straps, covered with expanded polyurethane in different densities.

Seat cushions: in medium density polyurethane foam, covered with Dacron.

Backrest: fixed in differentiated density polyurethane.

Feet: in wood or metal, in the larger sizes the model is equipped with central safety feet.

Upholstery: in leather or fabric due to the particular manufacturing process, it is not removable.

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