Tradition, passion and
Artisan innovation


The year was 1967… Luigi Viganò decided to take upon himself to pursue the experiences of his family of craftsmen. Many years before, his uncle Piero – a famed and revered master upholsterer from the nearby town of Meda – had passed on to Luigi his own work ethic and professional skills, hailing from an age-old authentic Tradition especially rooted in Brianza, namely, the quest for the best and the “well built” in every professional creation.

From the project to the execution of the solid wooden frame, from the soft upholstered padding, comfortable but durable in each component, to the coverings in quality fabrics offered in stunning combinations.

Sofas, armchairs and upholstered beds often supplied to some of the 20th century’s best interior designers, but also directly to wealthy private clients for whom the “Family Upholsterer” was deemed worthy of the highest trust as a valued supplier and accredited by the most noble families in Milan, Italy and sometimes even Europe.

Linea Viganò

Good quality is built on solid foundations.

The high degree of workmanship achieved by the entire family ownership of the company have ensured that Linea Viganò is a reliable point of reference for those who want to see for themselves what it’s like to run a business that has no unresolved issues or delegated functions that are not directly managed internally.

The processing of solid wood is carried out in the company joinery in accordance with traditional manufacturing techniques that provide customers with the perfect execution of every detail : uprights and load-bearing structures are robust and reliable in every part with the advantage of obtaining, on request, even outsized measures tailored to special needs.

Tailoring of Master Craftsmen

The Made in Italy tradition, the inventiveness and know-how of the craftsman are the values ​​that have always distinguished our business. Our upholstered items are made in Italy, in the heart of the furniture district, with the love and passion that we have handed down to us in the family.


Silhouettes, structural shapes and hand-carved ornaments, visible on the outside, consolidate and decorate lines and perimeters taking the same grace of upholstered furniture of the “Reupholsters” of yesteryear. They were exceptional professional upholsterers from whom Linea Viganò still draws inspiration: those who in past centuries were called upon to furnish and decorate the most beautiful homes in the world!

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